Open hours

 Equipment Collection

   Monday                10:00-12:00  &  13:30-15:30

   Tuesday               10:00-12:00  &  13:30-15:30

   Wednesday        CLOSED

   Thursday.            10:00-12:00  &  13:30-15:30

   Friday                 10:00-12:00  &  13:30-15:30




Edit Suites -  Mon - Fri 09:00-12:30 & 13:30-17:00



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T:      01895 266355

Equipment Collection & Return: 

LECT307 - Lecture Centre, 3rd Floor

Video Route - Via Stairs

Video Route - Via Lift

Edit Support Office:

Video Route - Via Middle Staircase

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Please note our opening hours have updated for equipment bookings. Please see 'Open Hours' Section for more details.

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The Media Teaching Centre (MTC) has a number of policies to ensure equipment availability and the responsible booking of equipment and facilities:



  • You will be unable to book items of equipment without prior training or authorisation from the MTC.
  • Equipment is only to be used by Brunel Students and Staff and only for academic, research or professional development. 
  • Equipment is available for 7 days loans, with one online renewal allowed (except lighting kits - 7 days only)
  • All equipment must be booked within the timeframe allocated by Connect 2. 
  • Memory cards and batteries are included with relevant equipment, but there is no guarantee batteries will be charged.
  • If uncollected, bookings will automatically be cancelled after 1 hour of the requested collection time.
  • When returning equipment there is no one hour window, it must be returned before the end time. 
  • All bookings are subject to a late return fine of £5 per day inc. weekends and closed days if the return time has expired.
  • No bookings can be made by users with an outstanding late returns fine.
  • Proof of mitigating circumstances will be required to waiver any late returns.
  • Any negligence of equipment will result in a user being suspended and charged for any damage/loss etc.
  • Any payment for damage/loss will be capped at £50 by the MTC, however your College/Dept. may pursue you for further costs.
  • Any fines/payments that are not cleared within 1 months will be passed to the finance dept. with an added admin charge.
  • Accidental damage, loss or theft must be reported to the MTC within 24 hours; if equipment has been stolen a Police crime reference number must be provided.



  • All edit suite bookings must be made 1 hours in advance.
  • Edit suite bookings will be cancelled after 1 hour if not in use, you will not be able to access an edit suite until the next available session. 
  • Any negligent use of facilities will result in users being suspended and charged for any damage/loss.
  • No personal hard drives / usb sticks can be used in the edit suite without prior approval from the MTC.